Sunday, November 8

Worry People

People Worry

You could worry about your intestinal tract , you could worry about your left toe nail.
you could worry about hair loss, you could worry about the hairless mole on your back.
you could worry about death, you could worry about life,
you could worry about the water you drink.

You could worry if you ate too much, or ate too little of the right thing, and if anyone even knew where this food came from, or if it's even food at all. You could worry about the salt or sugar content, or if it was free range or caged. Did it destroy a natural habitat to be grown. Did the workers all get paid?
Will I even live till tomorrow? Will I ever be known for my work? Will I ever fall in love? What if the sun explodes, or if I go blind from watching too much t.v.?

The more worries you worry the more worries you'll have. If you could just stop worrying, would things still be so bad?