Sunday, September 27

dinosaurs in the city

Saturday, September 19

an affinity for birds

It's a freedom we can't share, yes the pigeons will always have the best view of the city. As humans, it is impossible for us to cope with our lives stuck here on the ground. Always striving to jump higher, fly faster, to be as nimble as swallow or soar like a hawk. We fantasies, without even knowing it, about birds.

Birds hold on to a serious section of our collective conscious. It is without a doubt that from our earliest days birds have been around us and within us. Their demeanor is so non threatening. They flutter here and there, conclaves throughout our dreams.

Effortlessly the winged bird glides on a warm swell of air. Tirelessly humans try to harness this same power to no avail.

Wednesday, September 9


This is an oil painting in the style of Giorgio Morandi that I worked on while taking a painting course this summer.The class I took was at Touchstone Center for Crafts. "Touchstone is a unique three-season crafts school in the beautiful Laurel Highlands, only 60 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."Patrick Daugherty was the instructor. "Patrick has taught painting at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts for more than 25 years and first taught at Touchstone in 1983. Since 1991 he has been on the faculty of Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus. Primarily known for his portraits, his detailed and realistic oil paintings are in numerous corporate, private, and museum collections."The bugs here are hungry for the oils in the paint, most got stuck. I was able to remove the bugs, except for some lost limbs, that looked more like eyelashes from a china doll than legs. Sadly most bugs did not live.


Patrick Daugherty

Wednesday, September 2

This day and age

It has been a while since I worked on a collage/montage, it seems they just happen when the resources fall into place. I can't tell you where the source images come from, they just accrue on my computer as I find images I like. The feather and the flowers I illustrated myself.