Sunday, April 29


 It is a reality that non objective art has been popular in the New York art scene for many years (some time after WWII). I can't say exactly where it stands today. It is a-kin to such movements as color fields, futurist or cubic abstraction, but non objective art is a mode with marked differences in artistic interpretation. Its strongest aspect the absence of original subject. In other words non objective art does not resemble any real world object nor should it be inspired by one.

Friday, April 27

Pittsburgh T-shirt Show

Inside the Common-wealth Press / Sapling Press warehouse last night I was pleasantly libated with amazing craft beers, and was treated to the visual delights of an old friend, the graphic tee.

Sunday, April 22

Font file

Wednesday, April 18

Saturday, April 14

"sir" Francis Bacon

Thursday, April 12

School Daze

Wednesday, April 11

A test you don't need to study for

The CREAX is a creativity test that takes no more than 10 minutes.

At the end you will be given a full assessment of your creative skills. If I told you it would give you an assessment of your spacial aptitude, you might not take the test, but then you might be confused enough to answer such questions unbiasedly. Depending on your preference you might be tempted to, even unconsciously, influence your score. According to the test, getting what you want is a hallmark of creativity.

uses for a brick:
(a) hat,car,fire starter, paperweight, umbrella, porter john, thumbtack, whistle...

Monday, April 9

Edward J. Muybridge

Sunday, April 8

Font file

Thursday, April 5

cool water for cooling down

Tuesday, April 3

incase you/I missed them

Sunday, April 1

product jamming