Friday, April 27

Pittsburgh T-shirt Show

Inside the Common-wealth Press / Sapling Press warehouse last night I was pleasantly libated with amazing craft beers, and was treated to the visual delights of an old friend, the graphic tee.

The warehouse really doesn't have much charm, except for those who would drool over an 8 screen printing station (screen heads, print-o-holics?). In fact it's what you might expect for a warehouse, a cinder block building on a back road with loading docks, small and few windows as I recall. It would feel austere, but on this occasion it felt like a warm summer day once all the laundry had been hung to dry and everything you own is its own piece of art. Oh, and your friends have come over to admire it all while taking in some fine libation.

Brushing up against soft shirts as you walk through felt like this bygone that I am sure nearly none of us have experience with. Why there is a scene from a Helen Keller biopic playing in my head is hard to pinpoint. There is some comfort in t-shirts, and even if our mothers never hung the cloths up to dry she took care to make them fresh and warm, and that's why we all love tees. Many would say the clothes make the man, on this night cloths were the canvas.

Pittsburghers already wear their pride on their sleeve.

A great turn out

tees designed by Nick Caruso

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