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Saturday, May 12

and the livin' is easy

Currently showing at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts are a set of 5 mini exhibitions, with last nights opening reception garnering great reactions. The word on the street, "This is a really nice show". Its somewhat eclectic groupings are a token to it's appeal.
Ideas of a Few Carried out by Many; Justice Cotterill
wood, paint, paper, 4'X10'

Saturday, May 5

River of Grass

There are constant threats to the ecological health of the Everglades, from urban sprawl and drainage for irrigation to invasive species i.e. the giant boa constrictor or the Australian melaleuca tree. Ongoing efforts are attempting against great obstacles to restore the Everglades and tackle these systemic problems.

Why save the everglades? Considered one of the most important wetlands in the world the Everglades are the home to a vibrant verity of fish, crustaceans, birds, reptiles, and amphibians that need the specific habitat that only the Everglades provides. They are also home to a countless number of plant life including the Cypress tree like the one depicted in this logo.

I give you permission to use these badges (more after the jump) to spread the word and get this initiative the attention it deserves. Find more ways you can help in the links below. Biodiversity will be lost as the result of mans ongoing pressure to the ecosystem, but we can help restore health back to this national treasure.

Friday, May 4

David and the Horatii

Oath of the Horatii (1784) 329.8 × 424.8 cm (129.8 × 167.2 in)
Louvre; Paris

The brothers Horatii, hailing from Rome, accept the charge to fight the Curiatii also three brothers,  from neighboring Alba Longa, to settle a war between the two city states. A proud father Publius Sr. raises swords to his unified sons, at a high pitch of stoicism. Their tribute to Rome is considered a great honor. Averting the crisis is a necessity.

Jaques-Louis David has a power which he employs in the contrast of powerful actionable men who are all muscle, guts and steel, to the weeping women which they pay no attention. Each knows full well the dangers of this undertaking, their bloodshed to save the lives of many. Their sister stands to lose a fiancé in the brothers Curiatii adding to her dismay.

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