Thursday, November 26


buy local.

Wednesday, November 25

hero post; Milton Glaser

Tuesday, November 24

yard bird

Wednesday, November 18

brown paper tag

Monday, November 16

Ghost Radio

There is a ghost in your radio. It would live in your toaster, but it gets hot in there.

Thursday, November 12

All for none

Aramis the third musketeer,
was stabbed in the heart in a duel.
He suffered great blood loss, died on the spot,
and now the musketeers are two.

Monday, November 9


Sunday, November 8

Worry People

People Worry

You could worry about your intestinal tract , you could worry about your left toe nail.
you could worry about hair loss, you could worry about the hairless mole on your back.
you could worry about death, you could worry about life,
you could worry about the water you drink.

You could worry if you ate too much, or ate too little of the right thing, and if anyone even knew where this food came from, or if it's even food at all. You could worry about the salt or sugar content, or if it was free range or caged. Did it destroy a natural habitat to be grown. Did the workers all get paid?
Will I even live till tomorrow? Will I ever be known for my work? Will I ever fall in love? What if the sun explodes, or if I go blind from watching too much t.v.?

The more worries you worry the more worries you'll have. If you could just stop worrying, would things still be so bad?

Thursday, November 5

flying cars; future's raindrops

Cars are synonymous with American culture. These heaving hunks of metal that transport us towards our destinations, are a mainstay of our popular lives. If you have ever heard John "Cougar" Melloncamp, Tom Petty, or Devo, seen a television set in the last decade or two, then you will have come across one of these steaming piles.
If you have ever seen Hunny, I Shrunk the kids or the Ghost Busters. Took a ride along with officer Iced tea, just trying to keep Law and Orda. If you ever stepped outside your door. If you wanted to go anywhere or do anything. There they are again making your life miserable, and grinding the bones of the Englishman to bake your bread.
I'm merely guessing but something tells me that we are all missing out on something. Our lives are microcosms of existence, and if we spend so much time thinking about cars there is no way that we couldn't be. If we all could forget about our cars for just a while, maybe we could all find a way to live a little healthier. Maybe take a bike to the store, or to the hairdresser, especially the hair dresser, you come back with so much less baggage, or maybe we could simply breathe a little better. I know that at least we would have more time for the things that really matter in life.
If cars were going to fix all of our problems, don't you think they would have done it already. Give up your car....send it to this address.

P.O. Box 33170
Detroit, MI 48232-5170

Enjoy your new found freedom.

Wednesday, November 4

come on ride the train