Saturday, August 29

tio tigre

I am a sucker for kittens. This is an early rendering from my tablet. He is a cute little feller ain't he.

Sunday, August 16


Saturday, August 15


Bare it all
Beer attack
Burrrrr its cold
Bear in the window of the store
What a life like pose
But I guess thats how it goes
when your best friend is a ghost.

I see only one way to skin a cat.

I have a Nikon F, handed down from my mother. It is quite a fine camera,but it weighs a ton.

My First Lobster Louie.

Louie had one claw
this the fishermen plainly saw
what a chap they clapped

Fry him up this prized crustacean
they'll pay ten schilling
for to dine o' his meat so fine

Sunday, August 2

Trees do it all

I heard a man say, that fall is on it's way.