Sunday, June 28


This is a little piece I did as a tribute to Michael Jackson. Just something I threw togeather while listening to him on Pandora.

Everyone seems to only remember MJ's actions as of late. I am more interested in the person, and how he came to be. Deep beneath his physical appearances or his public persona was a human being, or what was left of one. MJ was his music first, after all. A true artist in many senses of the word.

There is a Chappelle skit where Dave remarks on how everything MJ has done, referring to his face, was all for you. This couldn't ring more true. MJ may have taken that look at the "man in the mirror" all too literally. He Changed his appearances undobutedly brought on by self doubt instilled by a utterly confusing and abnormal childhood. On the same token we should also take a look at the man in the mirror, because in the end it was our fascination or disgust with the pop fenom that led him down this slippery slope. Deep beneath MJ's festering unrest is the inherent evils of our society. Abuse and bigotry, lust and greed, idolization and exposure, these are just concepts but when they are applied to Michaels life we can easily see how they might have shaped him.

I am no expert on MJ, I never saw him live, I didn't wait outside the courthouse for the verdict. Once one forgets all the nonsense that surrounds his life it is easy to just listen to his music. They didn't call him the King of Pop for nothing.

now you may finally RIP MJ