Thursday, June 11


the circus is in town, go down and see the clowns, eat cotton candy, throw water balloons. The elephants and the lions jump through rings of fire, tigers and bears wear silly costumes. All for our enter-tainment, the flying trapeze, vertigo and amazement.

This work is all about perception and depth. The poster may be nailed to the tree, but it is alive. The characters are not confined to a 2D world. The poster is merely a window into that world.

I have always wanted to see the Cirque Du Soleil. From what I have seen in internet previews their shows are visually stunning. This is a small tribute to them and the circus of my childhood; i.e. The Ringling Bros. If I am ever in the right town, with a wad of cash to spend, I'm sure I will catch a show.