Saturday, May 5

River of Grass

There are constant threats to the ecological health of the Everglades, from urban sprawl and drainage for irrigation to invasive species i.e. the giant boa constrictor or the Australian melaleuca tree. Ongoing efforts are attempting against great obstacles to restore the Everglades and tackle these systemic problems.

Why save the everglades? Considered one of the most important wetlands in the world the Everglades are the home to a vibrant verity of fish, crustaceans, birds, reptiles, and amphibians that need the specific habitat that only the Everglades provides. They are also home to a countless number of plant life including the Cypress tree like the one depicted in this logo.

I give you permission to use these badges (more after the jump) to spread the word and get this initiative the attention it deserves. Find more ways you can help in the links below. Biodiversity will be lost as the result of mans ongoing pressure to the ecosystem, but we can help restore health back to this national treasure.

Pick your favorite animal logo badge (right click > save image as) and embed or add a link to your favorite Everglades website or charity. Add this badge to your facebook, myspace, pinterest, twitter or any other social media you can think of. If you need a special logo made or have a great use for the .eps file please contact me.

here is an example embed code.

<a href=""><img src="imagelocation.gif"/></a>

Save the Everglades.

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