Tuesday, February 1


Willem de Kooning; Woman 1965

      An image. Hung in a well lit room. There are many reproductions. Of the original there is only one. The artist spent months, years, or maybe hours to physically make the piece. A lifetime to conceive it. It beckoned him to place his brush upon the canvas. When he did make pass at it, there were moments of pure pleasure and others of great pain. Maybe more of one than the other. As frustrating as it was he sought to see his way through. The proof is in the paint.

Robert Rauschenberg; Dam 1958

 There is always a push and pull. One form gives way to another. The picture plane is a battleground, those whose interest is greatest stand the best chance of survival. Decidedly undecided foes stand toe to toe. The character of hand, in a flick of the wrist, the deeper man is revealed.

Why not this space? Why not this form? You will see it as evidence of history. The creator was there from the start. Boldly he brought forth the intangible, one never seen before. Flat upon the surface it's depths eternal.

Adolph Gottlieb; Spray 1959